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Today I’m living a prosperous life in a high-society with my beautiful wife and a baby boy. If you’re wondering about my present living-style, then I’m confessing that my life was never the same a few years ago. So, how I became the person, who I am today..?? The answer is below.

I was a low salaried(8K-9K INR) employee in a private engineering farm with huge work-pressure. Sometimes I had to stay at night on the farm to complete a project. I barely able to give time to my family and myself. Today when I compare my present with my past, I found myself lucky that I took that wise decision to quit the job and follow my heart. And I always have the passion to work in my own.

So, here’s how the story started-

  • The beginning-

The year was 2011, I quit my 9-5 job being frustrated. After two years of job in the engineering field, I got to understand that this is not the type of financial way I’m
looking for. Working under senior supervisor was give me nightmares and so my boss. One day I felt that they are not satisfied with my ‘free spirit attitude’ and planning to dismiss me. So, before they do that, I resigned the job. A few days went just like that. I’m getting bored with my unemployment. So, I start finding an earning opportunity that suits me well. Luckily I bought my 1st desktop before quitting the job. So, I start searching for an online earning opportunity. I registered for my first online earning site on 12th April 2011.

  • The internship-

After joining the site, my journey started. But, as I was totally amateur in this field(as I’m working online first time in my life), I faced lots of difficulties. I did lots of mistakes. Because I don’t have any guidance. And that time(year 2011-12), money making blogs are not so popular and very rare in numbers. But eventually I learned from my mistakes also and it helped me a lot to achieve that success what I have today.

I learned different money making ideas and their up & downsides, steps to identify what is legitimate and what is a scam, various proven strategies for different sites and most importantly I learned everything that how to create and run a successful blog in my own. Blogging, that turned out the major income source for me later in my life. So, you can see, it’s all about learning. And guess what, I’m still continuing my learning process still now.

  • Mid-era(The U-turn stage)-

In the year 2013, I got married and I had to join the job forcefully. As in my society, a job is the basic criteria for a man who’s getting married. I had not any specific name for my present online earning job, nor I was able to describe it to someone that what kind of earning I’m doing presently. I can’t blame anyone for this because in that time one can barely knows about what online earning is. I lost control of my online earning as soon I joined the physical 9-5 job, as I can not give sufficient time or effort to my online jobs.

Another 8 months passed. After giving all my hard work to my physical job, it got to feels boring to me. Then I asked myself, ‘what I’m actually doing..??’ So, I made my mindset and finally and permanently quit my 9-5 job.

This decision was never easy, as I was married and not a bachelor. Someone other also depends on me. But believe me, that was the best decision I ever made. The decision which led me to here, a successful blogger and online earner.


  • Present and future-

A successful person once said- “Secure your present to live a prosperous future.” As you can see after almost 5 years of hard work, finally I’ve reached that position when I’m about $900-$1000(65K-70K INR) per month by doing 2-3 hours of online works every day.

Well, this is not my fixed income. As the business grows in future, my income will also grow. So, I can say that the future will be awesome.

Today it’s possible for me to give enough time to my family, which was never possible if I continue my 9-5 job. Also, I’m running a successful blog and have enough experience to teach anyone how to be successful in life by earning online.


Final words-

Nothing is impossible if you do it from your heart. That’s what I tried to tell in this whole story. If you’re thinking that I made success in the first attempt, then you’re wrong. This is my 4th blog. First three blog was the total failure. That costs me time and money also. But I didn’t lose hope and tried it harder in different ways. And finally, I got my success. But you don’t have to worry about and failure. Because I’m here to guide you all the way.

So, is this story(absolutely true) seems inspiring to you..?? Then what are you waiting for..?? Come, join me and start your online-earning journey right here right now. Because the key to success is to act fast. I’ll guide the path to your success..



See you in the next post. Till then, bye bye.
Take care.