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30 days challenge  How did I recovered from a $2000 loss and made it possible to earn 100K SATOSHI everyday.

I’m sure that you heard these two maxims before- Slow and steady wins the race  and  Try to make wealth by working smart not hard. Well, if you want to make some decent money online, you have to follow this two maxim in your heart.

So, why did I chose Cryptocurrency...?? 

online-money 2

Hello I’m Akash M, and in this page, I’m gonna share you my story, my true story, that how did I manage to earn 1000K satoshi per day after recovering the huge losses I made in this risky internet world, where 99% of the program are there to scam you. Long story short, this is the guide to earn 1000K satoshi every day starting from only 10K satoshi after 30 days of your starting date. Is it worth for a shot..?? Then you’re welcome to read through. But before proceed further, why don’t you check this last four month’s statements of my blockchain wallet.

computer_frustration 2

 Like every newbie online-earner, I also did huge mistakes by investing in scam sites, that are very tempting and hard to detect at first

But, success reaches those who didn’t give up. I tried even more harder and searched the internet a lot for ideas, to recover my lost money. 

glance. Which costs me a loss of around $2000. You can say I lost everything in a few months. I had nothing to start again with.

And among several options, I choose Cryptocurrency.

Then I realised, it’s impossible to make a profit only from the faucet claim. So, I invented myself some new ideas(or trick you can say), and tried those own first. Some have been failed. But few of them worked like charm. Check my first big win after applying the trick. In the long run, those tricks completely changed my online-earning capacity.  From that day, I never had to turn back. 


Later I decided to share those ideas with newbies so that they can get profited without facing any losses.


Need some motivation..?? Here, check my last month’s complete earning statement. One thing for sure, if you follow my steps correctly and accurately, after 14 days you’ll able to earn at-least 500K-700K per day. And the best thing is, this earning will grow every month, every week, even every day.

If you ever searched for the options of earning from the internet, then you probably know the term Bitcoin. Because presently, it’s the most promising and hottest crypto-currency in the market. And it’s popularity is rising day by day like sky-rocket, as its price. From the time of its invention in 2009, Bitcoin got a whopping price hike from a few cents to a decent price of $6.5K(as of Nov 2nd,2017).  

Well, it’s a billion dollar question. You can say it God’s call for a blessing. Like someone whispered in my ear and said- “Bitcoin is the FUTURE”

When it comes about earning Bitcoin in a free way, faucet always is my favourite choice, as my majority of earning was from faucets. But the problem was, amount of money that I’m earning from faucets, is very tiny (more-less 7000-8000 Satoshi/day), which is obviously not time-worthy. 

home_business_office 2

Anyway, back to the present. have you ever dreamed a ‘Home Office’, where you can work with a mug of coffee or cold-drink, or while listening music, or sitting on a sofa..?? It can be true. Or you can say, I made it true. And today I’m sharing my ‘trick’ that changed my online earning potential forever. If I did it, you can do it too..

So, what exactly I did..?? It’s time to reveal all secrets..

It’s not anything difficult like ‘rocket science’. You just have to follow my step-by-step guide to achieve success. Believe me, if you follow this steps correctly, I’m guaranteed, you’ll surely achieve success like me.. 

 Learning from own mistakes is the only key to success

bitcoin is future
So, I asked myself, why not give it a try. After all, I had nothing to lose than win. Believe me, that was the wisest decision I ever made when I chose Bitcoin.

After the first month of a successful journey in this field, I bought a brand new COOLPAD 2.5D from the profit of my whole month’s earning. When I got the phone in my hand, I was as much happy, that the happiness made me cry. It was something, that I bought first time from my own earning. That one month of work encouraged me a lot. It also filled up my confidence level to the fullest. Confidence, which I lost when I lose all those money after being scammed.

Sounds awesome..?? Check below for detailed step by step guide.

This type of dream ‘Home Office’ now can be yours 

Turn your computer into your cash generating machine 

Step 1.  First, create an account in coinpayments(it’s presently the hottest wallet which supports more than 70 types of coins including BTC ) and link                          your bank account with it. So that you can easily withdraw your free satoshis in your own currency. Though my recommendation, do not                                  withdraw your free satoshis. Instead Trade and multiply it. If you’re new to trading, you can follow my step by step guide to trading(will add                       later this week).


Step 2.  Second, you’ll be  needed a micro  wallet  to collect  all free satoshis. I’m recommending  you to  create an account in FaucetHub. This is                                   presently the best micro wallet in the market. To join, please use the link given below.


Step 3.  Third, join at least 20 faucets sites. You can join more. But in my experience, working with more than 20 faucets is overwhelming. You’ll lose                            your will in a few days and it’ll be bad than any good. I’ve made an elite list of handpicked faucets, trusted & personally tested, that help you                          to pick the best faucets and thus save your precious time. Please check below.


Step 4.  Join Faucethub, Freebitcoin, Btcclicks and Poloniex on the same day. Last three website will help you to multiply your free satoshis.


Step 5.  Last but not least,(optional) Try to get some Direct-Refs, as it’ll amplify your earning from faucets. Even 10 good direct-refs can make a huge                           difference. In this other post, I explained the tricks that how did I managed to get thousands not hundred of referral in a couple of week.                               You should give it a try.







** Here’s the list of faucets you have to join 

Rank Faucet Reward Claim Time R/HOUR Captcha Payments
1. Bustedfaucet 50 5 Min 600 S.MEDIA FHUB JOIN
2. 20hk 10 00 Min 1200 S.MEDIA FHUB JOIN
3. Btcinbtc 10 00 Min 1200 S.MEDIA FHUB JOIN
4. Landsofchaos 100 10 Min 600 S.MEDIAR.CAPTCHA FHUB JOIN
5. Bigbtc 50 6 Min 500 R.CAPTCHA FHUB JOIN
6. Bitlucky 70 5 Min 840 R.CAPTCHA FHUBEPAYFS JOIN
7. Tomygame 550 60 Min 550 OC FHUBEPAYDIRECT JOIN
8. Yi.bitcoin 50 5 Min 600 S.MEDIA FHUB JOIN
9. Ioanbitcoin 50 10 Min 300 S.MEDIA FHUB JOIN
10. Crazysat5min 80 5 Min 960 S.MEDIA FHUB JOIN
11. Crazysat 70 30 Min 140 S.MEDIA FHUB JOIN
12. Bitcoinstraker 70 5 Min 840 S.MEDIA FHUB JOIN
13. Yourfreecoin 100 20 Min 300 R.CAPTCHA FHUB JOIN
14. Locomao 50 6 Min 500 S.MEDIA FHUB JOIN
15. Huefaucet 60 5 Min 720 S.MEDIA FHUBEPAYFS JOIN
16 Bituniverse 60 5 Min 720 S.MEDIA FHUBEPAY JOIN
17. Freebtcoin 100 10 Min 600 R.CAPTCHA FHUB JOIN
18. Fautsy 40 5 Min 480 R.CAPTCHA FHUB JOIN
19. 50sat 50 1 Min 3000 S.MEDIAOC FHUB JOIN
20. Btcsafari 50 15 Min 200 R.CAPTCHA FHUBEPAY JOIN

**This faucets list is subjected to be changed periodically. Because faucets are come and go things. It’s advisable that, you should check this list time to time for a new, much better list.

As I said earlier, working with more than 20 faucets, sometimes can be overwhelming. But, if you’re an exception, you have that endeavor to working with more than 20 faucets, here are another 10 good faucets for you.

Rank Faucet Reward Claim Time R/HOUR Captcha Payments
21. Bustedfaucet 50 5 Min 600 S.MEDIA FHUB JOIN
22. 20hk 10 00 Min 1200 S.MEDIA FHUB JOIN
23. Btcinbtc 10 00 Min 1200 S.MEDIA FHUB JOIN
24. Landsofchaos 100 10 Min 600 S.MEDIAR.CAPTCHA FHUB JOIN
25. Bigbtc 50 6 Min 500 R.CAPTCHA FHUB JOIN
26. Bitlucky 70 5 Min 840 R.CAPTCHA FHUBEPAYFS JOIN
27. Tomygame 550 60 Min 550 OC FHUBEPAYDIRECT JOIN
28. Yi.bitcoin 50 5 Min 600 S.MEDIA FHUB JOIN
29. Ioanbitcoin 50 10 Min 300 S.MEDIA FHUB JOIN
30. Crazysat5min 80 5 Min 960 S.MEDIA FHUB JOIN

In the meantime, you can also check this epic list(will add later) of faucets with more than 100 faucets you can choose from. Join all and tripled your earning.

## Applied and Proven trick of how to work with faucets


Working with faucets is the easiest thing just like the plug(click) and play. Still, for a much efficient result, you should join 5 faucets with 1 hour timer, 5 faucets with 30 min timer, and 10 faucets with 15 min and 5 min timer. First, arrange all those faucets in this way- 5 min and 15 min timers are open first, then 30 min and lastly 1 hour. And claim them simultaneously.

Claim 1 hour continuously, then rest for 15 min and then claim again. Your target should be claiming 15K satoshi every day in your own. Don’t retain your satoshis in your faucets. Withdraw it instantly to Faucethub(if the claim is not direct to Faucethub). In this way, you can track your progress on your landmark of 15K satoshi per day.


At first, it may seem impossible, but believe me, it damn possible. I did it. And did it day by day. That’s why I’m successful today. Because success is the thing, that not achieve without hard-work. Do the hard work and you’ll be successful one day..


Here’s my FaucetHub account’s  screenshot. Some of my faucets claim I did in the back of time. It’s the live proof of what I mentioned above. Hope it’ll give you some inspiration.


## Applied and proven trick of how to work with Freebitcoin


Before applying any trick you should modify some of your account settings first.


01. REWARDS POINT trick Go to PROFILE>>DISABLE LOTTERY & INTEREST>> check the DISABLE LOTTERY box. By doing so you’ll get extra rewards point instead of lottery. Now you’ve to collect 1200 RP(Reward Points) to apply this trick. 

Once you’ve collected 1200 RP, redeem the bonus Go to REWARDS TAB in the top>>click REWARD POINTS BONUS option>>from the drop-down menu choose 100 REWARD POINTS / ROLL exchange of 1200 RP>>then click REDEEM. Each bonus is valid for 24 hours after redemption. So your goal is to claim at least 14-15 times to get 200-300 RP extra on each day.

Again, when you able to collect 1600 RP, activate 100% BTC BONUS. Go to REWARDS TAB in the top>>click FREE BTC BONUS>>from the drop-down menu choose 100% BONUS exchange of 320 RP to get 2x claim amount.

So, if you manage to claim 15 times a day, you can activate both bonuses (100 REWARD POINTS / ROLL & 100% BTC BONUS) in the same time. 

Check the number of bonuses I claimed in the past. That was incredible, no..??


02. MULTIPLY BTC trick– This trick is simply incredible and most important also easy to use. My 70% of overall earning is standing on this trick. It helped me to earn 300K-700K satoshi everyday. I’m 1000% sure that this trick worked on 8 out of 10 people. And I hope you’re one of them.


So what is the trick..?? This trick is the Exclusive gift only for our subscriber. Also, as it’s a black-hat trick, I can’t post it openly here.


If you want to sky-rocket your earning, if you want to earn minimum 300K-500K satoshi per day easily, just subscribe in this site and ask for the trick. You’ll get it overnight.


If somehow you not satisfied with the result, simply unsubscribe anytime, no hard feelings.


Before you subscribe here, I want to show you some big claim I made  by applying this trick.


 So, is it worth for a shot..??

## How to work with Btcclicks/Poloniex


Well, this isn’t any trick anymore. But you have to choose carefully and decide that how you wanna multiply your satoshis into bitcoin. You have two options- Poloniex and Btcclicks. Poloniex is a crypto-currency exchange/trading platform, whereas Btcclicks is a paid to click service.

In Poloniex- As I said Polo is a trading platform, so there’s always a risk of losing all your capital, if your judgement fails wrong. But in other hands, a good judgement, a good choice of trade can bring you 30%-100% profit.

Both the sites have one drawback.


In Btcclicks- Btcclicks is a PTC sites that pay in bitcoin, the oldest and most trusted till date. But rented referrals, which are the main source of earning in BTCclicks, are not so frequently available. But in other hands, you can also work with Btcclicks by bringing some direct referrals under you. Just create a free blog,  write a good post about BTCCLICKS, put your referral-link in your post, and simply promote your blog or you can directly advertise you link on many other sites.

If you chooses Btcclicks

In Btcclicks, you have to start with 0.003BTC i.e 3mBTC(which is 300K satoshi). 2.8mBTC for rent 100 referrals and 1.08mBTC for 90 days Premium membership. You can expect a 2.5x profit per month of your initial investment(3mBTC).


If you chooses Poloniex

There’s no minimum amount to start with Polo. Just deposit satoshi as much as you have and buy another currency in cheap rate. Later you can sell it at much higher price and pocket some profit.

Here’s the complete guide how to trade in Poloniex.

Investment needed 


happy man

After 145 days of working with this method, I can say now, MY LIFE IS AWESOME..

Live the life one you dreamed about

 And I’m damn meaning it when I’m saying my life is awesome.

Let me ask you something. What is/are your dream/dreams in life..?? I mean, is it buying your dream bike/car, is it live in your dream apartment(with your dream girl(optional of course), is it living a prosperous life in community, or is it travelling in your ‘dream destinations’..??

Take anyone, choose anything, but the truth is, to fulfil these dreams, will cost you some decent amount of money. And you can’t fulfil these dreams because you don’t have the money for now, let admit it.

But why I said ‘For Now’..??

Because when you found this site, you put your first step towards your dream life. And if you follow all the advises, every trick, I wrote here, each day you’ll be one step closer towards that dream life.

Good luck to all. See you all in other side of success.

Well, I’ve acquired some small achievements in past two months with my profit, which is an Android mobile, and a Laptop and an Air conditioner for my room. My next big goal to buy ‘my dream bike’ by January 2018.

And I’m fully confident that I’ll achieve that goal within the time-frame, as my earning is growing day by day.

So friends, that’s all for now. This post will be updated periodically with new trick and ideas of online-earning. So don’t forget to bookmark this page and visit frequently.

I Hope you got enough inspiration to start wth the steps I written here from the moment you finished reading this post.

About my dream life..

With best regards,


               Akash M.

(Online marketer & Interprenuer)

Founder of webcashjournal.

DISCLAIMER Information showing on this page is solely true by the author’s point of view. Though the result is                  not guaranteed and it may vary the person to person. 

              There’s no way to achieve such success in one night. Hard work is the only key to achieve success,as                  the author did.

DISCLAIMER Investment in trading is subjected to the market risks. You may think twice before entering in                        trading.You may lose all of your capital. Author is not responsible for your loss. Market study is                    advisable before start trading.