Earning from the internet is presently the hottest market trends from all over the globe. To be honest, it’s possible for anyone to earn some $50-$100 per month who knows some basics of computer and internet. Well, you can earn more, but for that, you need some technical knowledge obviously.

  • What is an online earning..??

There are two types of earning opportunities. One is physical earning and other is virtual earning. Physical earning is when someone earning from physical efforts like as, day to day office job, job in any shop, restaurants, mall etc. Whereas
virtual earning is when you earn online. Earning that you made virtually i.e with the help of computer from the internet is called online earning.

Nowadays, the internet is using everywhere, in banks, in malls, in restaurants, even in police stations also. Some peoples use internet for a fun purpose, for time-pass obviously. Whereas Some use it to ease the lifestyle, like to pay a bill, to recharge, to buy an online product. Only a few percentage of people know that there’s a way to earn from internet. In India, this percentage is even much lesser. The main motto of this post is, to familiarize you with different online earning opportunities so that you can choose what is best for you.

But before, you start your online earning journey, there’s few setup you have to do first. I’m describing them below.

1. Personal computer with internet connection– It is obvious that u need a personal computer or laptop an internet connection to start your online work. To do an online job a simple configuration will do great. I mean to say, you don’t need a highly configured machine for this job. Though some job (like crypto-mining) is required a highly configured machine. You can learn more about mining here.

2. Unique e-mail address Though you already have an e-mail, I personally recommend you that, You should create a new e-mail address just for your online job. In this way, you can track & keep the record of all sites you joined. It is advisable that you should use a Gmail to sign-up on any site.

3. An e-wallet This is the most important step for any online job. As your main motto is work online and earns money, an e-wallet is necessary to get the rewards for an online job you did. Basically, these e-wallets act as a middleman between you and an online earning site.
This is how it works- You completed a task on the site>>you got a reward>>you claim the reward>>the site sent you the reward in your e-wallet in foreign currency>>you withdraw that reward from e-wallet>>e-wallet sent your reward in your country currency in your local bank. It’s much simpler than it sounds.
You have several options when it’s about choosing your e-wallet, like Paypal, Payza, Skrill, Nettler, Perfect Money, Payeer and lots more. They are also called Payment processor.
Among these, Paypal and Payza are the most popular because they are versatile as most of the earning sites pay through these two payment processors. But Perfect Money and Payeer is also getting more popular these days. Below is the step by step guide, how to open an account on different payment processors. You can also check my reviews on these payment processors as well.

N.B.– for security reason, always use a different e-mail address for opening an account in any e-wallet., other than the e-mail you used to join online earning sites, to avoid hacks.

4. Finding some Genuine and Legitimate Online earning site Before going further, I want to elaborate, why I used the words ‘genuine and legitimate’..?? Because the internet is filled with fraud and scam sites. In the 5 years of my ‘online earning journey’, I’ve worked with not less than thousands of sites. And with my personal experience, I can say that 90% of them was the scam.
So if you failed to choose some legit sites, it may cost you lose your valuable time(and sometimes money too). So, it’s very important to choose some legit sites to work with.

At this point, you may ask that, how to detect a fraud site and choose only good ones..?? Simply follow this guide. I’ve gathered every important information that helps you to detect a scam site at a glance.
Simultaneously, you can check my ‘Top Recommended Sites’ to start your online earning journey with. All these listed sites are proving them in the measure of time and payment.

Well, that’s all for now. If you read the entire post carefully, then you’re probably ready to start your online-earning journey.
But before you go, I’m advising you to check some bonus tips written below-

  • Always follow a monitor site(like webcashjournal) to get up-to-date news about newly launched and present scam sites
  • Invest what you can afford to lose.
  • It’s better to spend 60 minutes of your time(10 min each) in 6 sites than spending it in one site.
  • Don’t follow anyone blindly(not even me). Always do your due diligence about any site before working with it.


Well, that all for now.. What are you waiting for..?? Go and earn some real cash out there online. See you on the other side of success..

Meet you in next post. Till then, bye bye..

Akash M.